C-DAX Boxmate Utility Box

C-DAX Boxmate Utility Box

C-Dax toolbox carries your tools and includes a hand wash tank.

$360 tax incl.

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Keep all your tools for the job safe and in one place with the C-Dax Boxit, a large weather proof ATV mounted carry-all box. Features our unique on-board hand wash tank.


Part No: 83942

  • Rugged polyethelene, UV resistant construction
  • Two removeable trays for easy access to larger items
  • On-board 1 Litre hand wash tank
  • Easily mounts to the front or rear carrier of your ATV



  • 780mm


  • 370mm


  • 200mm


  • 6kg

Model: BoxmateG2
Part No: 83942