New Yamaha TTR50E 2018

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The rock-solid TT-R50E’s electric starting and sweet, useable four-stroke power inspires confidence in kids and small novices – and in a full-face helmet, no-one can squeeze your cheeks.

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49cc air-cooled, SOHC powerplant puts out smooth, reliable four-stroke power perfect for kids and small novices.

Three-speed gearbox with automatic centrifugal clutch makes learning to shift gears a breeze.

Inverted fork with 22mm sliders provides 96 mm of smooth front wheel travel for a great ride and handling. Rear travel is 71mm.

11mm Mikuni VM-type carburettor with automatic on/off electric heater ensures crisp, dependable throttle response.

Lightweight, upswept exhaust system contains a quiet, WR-type USFS approved spark arrestor.

Front and rear 80mm drum brakes deliver strong, dependable stopping power, and the rear’s activated by a right foot pedal just like the big YZs.

The TT-R50E gets the same pushbutton electric starting feature as our full line of electric-start TT-Rs.